Friday, May 11, 2018

Yes, yes. I have been busy

Mid May already.  Thinking we still have April showers, that are bringing May flowers, making the garden grow and let's me stay inside and be creative! However, the sun is missed but we are promised a very nice Mother's day weekend ahead.  Thus, wishing any Mother's that read this a lovely day.

We are experimenting with the alcohol ink ceramic tiles to see if they will withstand intense heat.  If so, have larger ones that could be used as a trivet.  Will let you know if that's a make, or a break.  Having low inventory for the website store, just finished a few new coaster sets to add in that department.  
Yes, I have been lax in keeping up fresh merchandise and paying attention to promoting as intended.  A fresh start.  Again.

Then let's add a couple new collage, because they are just plain fun for me.  Never, never throw anything away.  One does not know when perhaps the rag or paper towel you have been sopping paint up with might be the perfect accent needed for another layer!   A piece of lace here and a piece of lace there, smudge some paint just right for composition and to coordinate colors, coat with layer of medium.  Opps. Forgot to place letters for a special saying or quote.  Layer, layer, layer.  One on top of another as many times as it takes to have an ah ha moment and say, DONE!

8" x 10" unframed finished edge
5" x 7" unframed finished edge

Two more await to be finalized and uploaded in a blog post and then into the website store.  I see little action from the Website.  Since shows for myself are few and far between, I confess to feeling disappointed.  Selling from the comfort of home with a trip to the post office would be soooo convenient.  
In an effort to aid others in their attempts to do the same please do be sure, when you have the time, to peruse the links page.  There are some very lovely handcrafted and artistic items available from your that online shopping has become the trend.  From time to time a new source is added.  Soon we will have to build an addition!!

Thank you, for stopping by, taking time to read when you have your own busy schedule.  Until next time....enjoy.
P.S.  please excuse my cranky computer--it seems to think it knows the best layout no matter what I say!

Monday, April 30, 2018

Eye opening-good for the soul

Yes, getting out and about, doing something a little different can be good for the soul.  At least, for mine that is.  Sometimes it is easy to slip into a rut and just plug along doing the same old thing.  A variation can be stimulating.
Saturday, I (sort of) forced myself to sign up for a writing class at the Pendleton Art Center. Occasionally, I have been known to jot down a few thoughts or write what I thought to be a poem or prose.  Always felt intimidated by vague memories of high school English and the study of poetry.  The different structures, rules and regulations!  Guess what?  Throw them out!!  We can write what we want!!
Feeling a slight urge to get back to the "my life" art journal begun sometime ago (probably mentioned in Blog) I thought this class would spur me on.  Time will tell, but can say it was good for me.  Penelope Scamby Schott, an Oregon poet was the instructor and it was beneficial.  Not only did it encourage self examination, 
(ouch) but was freeing!  
Meanwhile, back in the studio (craft room) too many projects are laying in wait!  Tends to begin to make me feel smothered.  (Guess that's one of the purposes of "getting out," or so I just read!)  Perhaps that will provide the inspiration to get in there and instead of starting another project-finish, at least, one?
Did post on Facebook the progress on the pine needle coiled, decorative piece that I first oil painted the center for, and am currently working upon.  Not intending to be redundant, but here is a photo......

This is destined to go to my sweet, kind niece who has waited and waited many years, yes years--for me to fulfill her request for a painting of Mt. Rainier. Suppose it is rather 'lame' to "kill two birds with one stone," by combining it with her liking the pine coiling, as well, isn't it? 
Until next time, enjoy the sun and May flowers.  Of course, be well.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Bloggen along.....

OK....tried and tried to "copy/paste" Blue Mountain Photo Club's newsletter so those interested could keep track of activities.  Sometimes it works...sometimes it doesn't.  This time it did not.  Thus shall just let you know the meeting date and where:
Trinity Lutheran Church
109 S. Rooselvelt
Walla Walla, WA
Third Thursday of the month @ 6:30 p.m.
As many of you know this is a fun, active group of people that schedule many events, opportunities, competitions and learning experiences.

What now???
As our weather improves, creative juices are thinking about restarting for me.  The possibilities of what to either finish....or start are many.  What if I want to do it all?  What about that 'other stuff'?  You know, eating, making the bed, dishes, sweep, dust, vacuum, spending time with my girls (chickens,) speaking if spoken to,etc. So many possibilities for interruptions and breaking that magic spell or flow (if so lucky as to have a magic flow.)  OHHHH.....see what is happening here? Sabotage!!  Yep, that's it.  Self-sabotage.  How often do we practice this?  Guess I recognize it because, not only do I practice it,  DO it way to often.  How about you? Are  you practicing or doing?
Oh, h_ll's bells.  Too old to keep worrying about how much gets done.  Or not done.  Do what is necessary, skip the rest (sort of) and enjoy.  Creating is not only enjoyment, it is therapy.  I NEED a little therapy.  Do you?
Here's one for you to ponder.  Grabbed these at a recent yard sale.  Why?  Possibilities.  Creative possibilities, no less.  Do you see it?  If not stay tuned and see what happens.

Be well.  Go forth and create art.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Back to rambles...scrambles

Way back when, sometime ago, I posted the center of this pine needle coiled piece that I had painted for the day when I would get around to it!  Well, you can see in the above photo that finally that day came, although this shows it just before it was complete.  A couple more rows were added with a slight upturn and the final backstitching to make it complete before taking it as a donation to the auction spoke of previously.  Just wished to let anyone that does follow the blog know that, once in awhile, a long overdue project does reach completion!  Whew.......scratch that off the "to do" list.
Currently I am working on another pine needle coiled piece, also, with a wooden center that I painted (recently) that will go to my favorite niece.  

Wooden plaque with Mt. Rainier
oil painting

Currently there are about 12 coils completed with a fair amount yet to go.  So....if your curiosity is peaked, please tune in later for an update either on progress or perhaps even it's completion.  Until next time, do take care of yourselves and enjoy the flowers to come.