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Monday, February 13, 2017

Random Bits

Two days sunshine and not a trace of snow left.....for the moment.  Like Alka Seltzer, what a relief it was to have a view of brightness.  Now, hopefully, morning fog.  Hopefully, because maybe it will disappear and bring in that afternoon sun.  Never enough, is there?  We always want more and forget to0 quickly to be satisfied and grateful for what we are lucky enough to have!   One of my greatest faults!

Now is a good time to mention something neglected for sometime.  Just in case your traveling to our area, or perhaps already live nearby and one day might have so many visitors that you need an extra place for them to lodge.  Located in the little, historic town of Weston, Oregon T.L.C. Guest House welcomes visitors for a comfortable stay.  You can enjoy the comforts of home in their three bedroom, with fully equipped kitchen, one bathroom with shower and tub, plus a laundry room, updated guest house.  You can contact the owners:  
Tim and Linda Crampton
Home phone:  541-566-3737
Cell phone:     541-310-7604
P.O. Box 323 
Weston, Oregon 97886
Weston is located right at the base of the beautiful Blue Mountains, thus offers opportunities for different mountain activities, plus it is located close to Pendleton, Oregon, home of the famous Pendleton Round up and the Walla Walla Valley noted for it's wines and the activity associated with many events.
Personally, I know Linda and Tim would be wonderful hosts, plus both are gifted, creative people.

The Blue Mountain Photo Club has activities coming up, which I cannot seem to copy and paste, so will try to attach a link for photographers that might be interested.  Just ask for copy to be sent to you.
Hoping that works!

Other than that, our chicken, girls are doing fine.  A penthouse remodel has been added to their dwelling which is still located inside our garage until being sure the weather has stabilized.  Hopefully, it has not become so tall that it will not fit through our garage door once ready to be hooked onto and relocated outside.  Now that I can pick up and pet one lady, she has her name.  Minnie, it is.  The one with the lavender leg band since they are all Wyandottes of similar size and color.  Do have names for others, just not attached yet!   Enjoying their labors heartily!  You will undoubtedly see too much in chicken regard with passing time.  Photo opps are surely going to present themselves.  In the meantime, take heart, wherever you are, that it's only about 3 weeks until Spring, since Phil did see his shadow earlier this month!  We are ready!


Sunday, February 5, 2017

Old Crow

I love to watch crows.  Even when they gather for a crow caucus high among the branches of nearby trees they are fascinating, in spite of all the chatter.  During a wind storm as they catch an air current and soar higher and higher in circles, I imagine they are playing, or aspiring to see just what heights they might reach. Yes, I know they are scavengers, but then basically, aren't we all?
For sometime the drawing below had been floating in my mind and finally a few weeks ago, it emerged.  Also, love snaggy, old trees and faded, old wooden shingles. Thus, added them all together in this mixed media piece.  Mounted it on an old box end and put a leather strip border around the shingle.  The hint of turquoise and purple highlighting the feathers really doesn't show much, but it's there.  My crow is free to fly.

Old crow
Mixed media
Charcoal, conte'
crayon, pastels

Monday, January 23, 2017

Catching up.....maybe

Let's see.  Where to start?  Okay, got it.  Let's begin with a "thank you" to Jonquil Junction.  You will please note it is one of the links to the right of current post.  I found Joanne on Google+ and enjoy her 'down home' style of Blog.  Not only do they create copper jewelry and other items, but her writing appeals to my nature.  Living on their farm in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas offers interesting articles, antidotes, recipes and just a friendly atmosphere!  
The "thank you" because Joanne was nice enough to contact me asking if I sold my baskets online.  She had been featuring some local, creative people on her Blog and offered to feature some of my art pieces, as well. This in spite of the fact that we are on opposite sides of the map.  Perhaps, living at the base of the Blue Mountains in Oregon, gave us a genuine connection.  I was humbled and grateful.  Thus, last week there we were, all the way back in the Ozark Mountains with Joanne.  I urge you to take a peek, and while you are there consider adding Jonquil Junction to your places to visit.  Soon, I, too, will feature creations from Jonquil Junction on this Blog.  She plans to release her first book in the near future and from what I have seen on her Blog, I'm thinking it will be a very interesting read!

Something entirely new to me (my husband grew up on a farm) is our latest venture!  Why at this late date, I decided I would like some chickens is a mystery to me, but I did.   Why, when my five children were young and we surely could have used those eggs, the idea didn't even enter my mind is a mystery, also.  We lived in the country.  We were poor to be sure!   After persevering 
(otherwise known as nagging) poor, Donald, for a couple years, he caved!  This winter, during snow, he caved.  Another site I had stumbled upon, was Permaculture Chickens with Justin Rhodes, also listed on the right.  He's an interesting, earth conscious, young man and shares a good deal of information via many modes.  Somehow, his concept of a homemade chicken tractor (on wheels) intrigued me with his theory being, ("let the chickens work.")   Not slave labor, but labor they love.  With a movable home and yard, you can let them scratch up the ground, fertilize as they go, and upon moving tractor,  either plant your garden or just enrich your ground.  Believing much of our ground has been depleted in big ways, this sounded just wonderful to me. Living where we do, it is hard to be natural with many chemicals, insecticides, fertilizers,etc being used, but I can believe that "every little bit helps," if I want. Perhaps it is called deception, but there's a lot of that going around anyway!  So, back to the point.  Poor, Donald, (he does love projects) retreated to our garage and do we have a chicken tractor, or what!  You bet we do!
Minus it's wheels, amid garage clutter.
Lulu, ready to herd chickens when
they arrive.

Yes, you guessed it. We have 6 Wyandotte, beautiful ladies, in their
chicken tractor, living in the garage with Don's boat, the little John    Deere tractor, and our car and pickup outside in whatever happens to be the weather of the day.  When the weather stabilizes we will make further adjustments.
The girls arrived home the afternoon of January 19th, after an arduous trip on snow covered, icy roads (my opinion, although the day was beautiful) some 40 plus miles to pick them up.  By that evening we had TWO incredible, edible eggs!  We have read and read about healthy, natural chickens on line and I heeded much of Justin Rhodes advise.  Soon our girls, ( one has been named, "Biddy") will all have names. Once I learn to tell them apart I will know which one might be "Biddy." Regardless all girls seem immensely pleased gifting us with more and more eggs daily....and we eat more and more eggs daily.  I am a happy, late blooming chicken lady!!

Which one is "Biddy."
Oh, she's probably on her

PLEASE, excuse the computer and I are having an argument and I thought I was strong headed!