Saturday, February 10, 2018

Little Bleep....

Painted by:  Sue H.

Are these just cute or what?  They are happy little rock paintings created by a "new" friend and brought to me as a hostess gift.  In theory, these rocks are painted by numerous area artisans and hidden in nearly plain sight in a couple of small towns in our area.  They are intended to bring smiles to the finders who will, hopefully, post on Facebook that they are the recipient of these assorted little gems!  Thank you, Sue!  I love them!  It is a pleasure to have another someone to meet with for, so called "shop talk," and the sharing of ideas and tips!!

Almost too late, but for local photographers below is posted the Blue Mountain Photo Club newsletter and meeting information:

Meetings @ Trinity Lutheran Church 109 S. Roosevelt. 6:30 p.m.
The club voted to go to one business/ competition meeting per month which will be the 3rd Thurs of each month.
Officers for the coming year are Jerry Fincher – President,
Andy Anderson – Vice President, Fran Walker – Treasurer,

Lori Montgomery – Secretary,
Bob Baker – Member at Large
Ed Gustamante – Member at Large

Andy Anderson has taken over as Chair for Electronic Image competition.
Donna Lasater will continue as Print Chair. photographer friend, Jeri A., thank you so much for bringing your friend, Sue, to visit and for both of you sharing all your creative inspiration for an afternoon.  We must do this again soon.  Good for the soul and the spirit!  
As to the new "easy access networking" page.  Seem to be having difficulty with it staying in place (apologies) and finding the right headings to link some of you under for an accessible site.  Often come up with "site not found," upon testing page.  As I scroll Facebook, many of the new, creative people I have connected with do list a Facebook or Etsy shop.....alas, when I post it, it will not connect!  If you should see this, please leave comment with accurate link and you will be added!  In the meantime, "if at first, you do not succeed, try, try again," will be my motto as we grow the list.

Thank you for stopping take care and enjoy your days.

Monday, January 29, 2018

A Little Action on the Home front....

Sent the previously shown pine needle coiled 'tray' (to it's new home) with fingers crossed it would meet expectations for matching a previous purchase.  Always relieved to hear that happy phrase, "love it."  A third coiled piece possible a bit later.  
In the meantime been progressing on another project that will be available on the website.  Shown below before it's final stage.
So far, so good

Wanted to show the gemstone up close and personal because of the colors.  Trying to coordinate the cord to pick up the turquoise, tans,etc.  There is even a tad of pink laced across the stone.  Wish I knew the names of gemstones, but alas, do not remember.  Note to self.
Self:  Write it down, and leave it with the gemstone slab until you get around to working them!

More links are added on a regular basis to the new page "easy access networking."  It is becoming a challenge to seek out new sites that I find appealing and interesting.  Shared for those that care to take the time to support the efforts of so many individuals devoted to handcrafting or some art form. 
Unfortunately, some, not listing an actual site are not noted as I am not sure how to include them.  Many, indeed are worthy.

Now, it is time to move along into February (already) and keep thinking warm, fuzzy thoughts about SPRING!  There are signs if we look closely.
"Daisy" and the "Amigos" have nearly completed their molt.  They are looking sooo glamorous sporting their new attire!  The real plus, of course, are those wonderful eggs.  They are getting production back up to three to five eggs per day.  Out of six hens, that's not too shabby!   
Not only do we have eggs, but we nearly have homegrown lettuce!  Grown in our closet, of course!  My "eager beaver" husband just cannot wait to plant his garden this year, so decided a grow light, closet and rack within, would give him (and us) a jump start! Seeds all ordered/arrived and potting soil prepared for that head start among the shirts, coats, dresses,etc. Where are those tomatoes??

Until next time....stay away from all those ferocious bugs, think sunshine and enjoy what you do.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Click on! Networking page growing.....

Aren't you curious?  Just a little, maybe.  Easy to access a whole host of cool, cottage industry,  fellow creators by the simple touch of a finger on.......easy access networking!  Feeling privileged to have found a connection to many "sharing and caring" individuals doing a variety of completely handmade, unique items.  Many of them create "give aways" and games to participate in just for viewing their page.  There are handmade, quilts, special hearts, terra cotta, smiling faces to cheer, decorative painting, unique signage, unusual wind chimes, beautiful crocheting, country fabric, unique ornaments, gourd paintings.......just to name a few!!  WHEW
And that list is very fertile, like good soil.  Watch this garden of "made with love💗💗💗.......GROW.
(Just a small start so far)  Thank you in advance for taking time to watch this new page and PLEASE, if you share.

Friday, January 19, 2018

OH, my...

Seems it has been a tad between posts.....again.  For those that follow Facebook, the following photo will be redundant anyway.  I finished a pine coiled project....finally.....also, a tad between working on those!  

A forever home awaits this one's arrival, where it joins another purchased a couple years ago.  Believe the intent is to make them into a wall arrangement, so I made sure they were related color wise (hoping) yet, very different in style.  Really appreciate when someone likes a creation.

NOW....made a decision to revamp pages......again.  Believing that networking is so beneficial and that there are enough differences between tastes and styles that networking is vital, the sidebar listings are going onto a whole page of their own! Please, please take the time to click over and go through them. 

There really are an amazing number of "cottage industries" from all over that create wonderful, unique items that can be purchased direct at reasonable prices!  Just think, handmade with love and passion, and you can help support their efforts and supply income to allow them to continue.  The upside for you?  Quality, personal, one of a kind items for yourself or for giving as a gift.  Would anyone call that a "Win Win" situation?
Recently a whole group has emerged and is growing that I have joined, who are sharing, caring individuals.  They make the networking fun, inspirational and are so supportive of everyone.  They are among the listings for you to find, as well as, others found along the way that leave an impression worth sharing.  I hope you find the growing list interesting and worthwhile.  Please feel free to comment your thoughts.
And.....cut a little slack as I put it together and add to it.

In ending......think SPRING.