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Thursday, August 25, 2016

A peek

O.K.  It's been awhile again.  "No news is good news" or is life just a runaway.  Either way, absentee was me!
So the best I can do is show you the latest item that was placed at Hamley's Western Store last week.  If you happen to be one of the thousands that attend the World Famous Pendleton Round Up, stopping at Hamley's is a must, as many already know.  The charm of the building, the antique interior, smell of leather, wide variety of western gear, clothing, artwork, gifts,etc and it's friendly, gracious staff are an experience in itself. This year, Round Up is September 14th-17th.  However, September 10th, the Dress Up Parade, seems to kick off a whole host of events to keep anyone entertained until the actual Round Up.    And.....that gives more time to stop at Hamley's, too.

Medium gourd with
pine needle coiled trim.
Mini totems as
accessories with feathers

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Not a Huckleberry in Sight

Alas, the North Powder trip is now behind us.  We found a hot, lazy day; the few people were nice, they ran out of Huckleberry Sundaes in no time, and most people were there for the car show.  What might be the answer for artists and crafts people?  How can we help people understand the time, effort and hope that go into the works we love and would like to share?  Is there a place for us?  Can we make a place for us that is supportive of ourselves and appreciators that value the little pieces of ourselves that we put forth?  The mood today, is thoughtful.  It is currently resigned that things have a way of working themselves out, and we must be open to the lessons presented and learn from them.  I will keep an open mind....I will keep an open mind.......I will keep an open mind.  Gratitude is important in our lessons.  I am grateful to Hamley's Western Store in Pendleton whose staff makes me feel so special each time I walk in the door with a new item for them to display.  I am grateful those items are selling.  It helps validate my inner soul that needs reassurance by someone liking my work.  My eyes are still working well enough that I can continue for now.  My mind is curious about all the things undone and the possibilities.  Growth excites me.  In ability and in people.  So.........chin up, moment by moment, let's see what's ahead!

The few at North Powder might have seen these new alcohol ink tiles.  A look, see for you that are watching, including one quite large tile that is in it's final stage of completion.  Alcohol ink dries fast, so larger surfaces are a bit challenging. However, advantage being, with tiles the "slate can be wiped clean," and one can start all over.....or rework areas of contention!!

This is it, the unfinished

4 x 6 tile

4 x 4 tile

4 x 4 tile

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Hamley's and Huckleberry

Pine coiled basket,
ironwood center,
pale green, cranberry & tan cord

Pine coiled rim on
alcohol ink stained
gourd/  western themed
picture accents

A couple new creations off to Hamley's Western Store in Pendleton to add to inventory, and then coming Saturday, the 30th we are off to North Powder, Oregon for the Huckleberry Festival, a one day show.  Finishing up a few alcohol ink larger scenery tiles to add new STUFF to artsy inventory!  Borrowed an idea while at Love of Junk, whereby someone had made their booth sign utilizing an old suitcase.  Theirs was pretty classy.  Mine is so, so, for Suncatcherjo, but maybe will serve the purpose!  If you come over, look for us, okay?  Love to see a familiar face.  Check out events upcoming events page for more information.