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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Once again, moving right along; snail like...

Poor Daisy..feeling better
OKAY!  Finally, now a couple weeks ago, Daisy moved into the enclosure built beforehand, beside the new house when it was delivered.  Freedom at last from the confinement of her mobile home.  The mobile home, which I might add, did not have air conditioning.  However, since it (cage placed on top of wheeled garden cart)  in the three digit heat, we could move her from one shady spot to another.  Of course, she was given jugs of ice water, as were all the girls.
The Gang Up gang, had the swimming pool in their chicken tractor pen, for romping and splashing, which I'm sure she envied.  The first thing Daisy did was bathe.  And bathe and bathe, for a good 45 minutes.  She scratched, rolled and threw dirt upon herself until she felt.....clean????  Somehow dust isn't my idea of clean, but to each his/her own.
Now, when the new house was delivered, there were two houses on that trailer.

Two houses (deluxe)

 In the foreground, you will note the chicken tractor and barely make out the "girls"  excitedly watching the operation.  I'm certain they were admiring the red house, complete with porch for lounging, more than one entry, and room for a loft.  Needless to say, they gave little to no thought to the fact that neighbors already think we are completely out of our minds for spending sooooo much money on accommodations for mere 'chickens.'   Can you imagine what they thought when it was the little, natural wood house that was unloaded right beside the new chicken yard?  The collective sighs and disappointment in their little chicken heads?  Not just poor "Daisy."  We likely had "poor Shy, Minnie, Molly, Freida and Biddy." 
For a few days they, also, were subjected to watching "Daisy" run around delighted in that new, spacious yard while work progressed on the inside of the house left in place.  After all, the wiring, insulation, interior walls, floor painting, nest and roost building had to be completed. was HOT!  Sweltering hot!  Poor Don, (my husband.)  Josh, (my son) lent a hand but it was Don that desired their house to be just right.  Can you believe this is the same man that did not want any chickens?   
The big day arrives.  Time to move in and integrate the flock once again.  How did that go?                 

To be continued.....There is more to this saga/drama, but for today let's just move right that snail like pace.  I'd like to introduce you to "Buddy," otherwise known as "Bud" and more about that "Christmas in July."

Our sink and "Bud."

Now introducing:  Author:  Debra R. Williams.  Debra was my interesting neighbor at the event.  Her passion is writing and restoring their vintage home.  In her words, "Meet the Clock Family" introduces the Clock sisters and their mom and dad, Mock and Doc.  Come along as the Clock Family shares an extraordinary adventure."  

Her books are being used in schools (not to learn to tell time) and sold in a select number of bookstores or contact her direct via email.
She's quite nice, does book readings, can explain her selection and delivers if you should happen to live in the Walla Walla, Washingon.
If I understood correctly the  stories were born as she told them to her three daughters when they were young.  It's an example of how one can develop a passion into an unexpected side career or full time venture.  

Networking is one of the things that makes attending these events much more fun, at least for me.  There are more people out there, than we are aware of, with creative outlets or skills that need to be shared.  So, be prepared, or look forward, to meeting others from time to time. 

Until, the not too distant future, enjoy summer and take good care. 


Saturday, July 29, 2017

Yes! It is early....and questionable

From:  NOMO Milling

"Christmas In July,"  the event held last Saturday at the Fairgrounds in Walla Walla, Washington featuring ONLY hand created really did showcase some unique items!  As a fellow vendor, time was limited to even take it all in but the opportunity to visit with,  few too many, did present itself.  Asking if they could be mentioned in my Blog a "yes" was given!  
The original "Branded Iron Skillet" line caught my attention.  We see painted versions, but this was a new concept to me!   I, myself, have painted many (being careful to choose a non-antique skillet, of course.)  Neil Ousnamer, of 
Ferdinand, Idaho (NOMO Milling) creates this unique version.  If I understood correctly, various sizes of skillets are purchased directly from Lodge Cast Iron specifically for handcrafters.  He "brands" other types of objects for decorative purposes, as well, adding to the selection available.

Personalization occupies a considerable amount of his time as he adds names, dates,etc if one desires.  How cool is that?
is the link to view their gallery and more information about what Neil offers from his shop in Idaho.  He plans on setting up a booth during the Pendleton Round-Up so be sure to visit him there as you enjoy this years events!

Of further note, "Christmas In July" was an enjoyable show in which to participate.  The ladies promoting the event advertised via Facebook often even featuring different vendors wares.  I'm not sure in regard to other means of advertising, although attendance seemed limited for such a 'well put together' and organized show.  The benefit to that--time to interact with those that did attend!!  For myself, that is one of the reasons to go!  Feedback, even constructive criticism, can be inspirational.  For improvement or just to continue to create what we love to do!  Fun and laughter, as with visitors, Pam and Linda, are just a bonus to getting out and about!  Loved these ladies and kindred spirits!  Good friends always seem to take time out to pay a visit, thus all in all, (hopefully) a good time was had by ALL.
Another chance to attend, for vendors and visitors will be held sometime in December!  If you believe, "word of mouth" advertising is the best--this is it!  Be sure to take advantage of that opportunity to purchase unique, handcrafted gifts for your Holiday giving.

These "hazy, lazy days of summer" here have turned to hot and know, chicken drama's,  family addition,etc.  That's another story for another day, plus will introduce you to a couple more interesting people I met at "Christmas In July."  In the meantime--please do enjoy your "hazy, lazy" time and be well.


Friday, July 21, 2017

Hot off the Easel......

Collage  18" x 24"

Yes, it seriously is 'hot off the easel.'  Blowing on it to dry so that "Madamn Butterfly" can fly to Christmas in July.  That's tomorrow at the Fairgrounds in
Walla Walla, Washington! 
The event begins at 9:00a.m. and is (much to my delight) strictly handcrafted wares.  Anyone can "shop until they drop" as the saying goes, as long as, they finish by 3:00p.m.  If an initialed ticket is collected, with the amount spent at each vendor where a purchase is made, totals $50.00,  a free gift can be collected upon leaving!  Now that is marketing an event!!
"Madamn Butterfly" is a busy, colorful collage, which upon close examination, 
has quite a bit going on.  Not for everyone, but it was fun!  A bit whimsical.
In addition, new sets of alcohol ink coasters and some small 3" x 3" collage canvases found their way off my work table! 
I am truly looking forward to going to this event, not just in hopes that someone likes what I do, but I have seen things that others are bringing on Facebook!  Robin, one of the promoters, has gone to great effort to feature vendors and their creations.  Anything I have seen appears to be quality, unique and worthy of gift giving.....or keeping!  Maybe, as a fellow vendor, one can slip away and do a little shopping, as well! 

Small 3" x 3" collage

Small 3" x 3" collage