Monday, June 18, 2018

Can't Help Myself....

It's true.  I can't seem to help myself.  Still collaging.  They just keep coming, even when I should be doing other things.
Stories, you can imply stories or messages with all those bits and pieces when creating a collage.  Just keep layering it on.  A little suggestion here, and a little suggestion there.  Find some quotes, or create your own to add to a layer.  Placement can lead a viewer into your story or message, or maybe they will see their own version.  Whichever, it is just plain inspiring for me.
Peruse the latest and see what you might discover.  
Comments/feedback are most welcome!

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Moving Right Along

Funky hutch is complete for now!  Stores soooo much stuff plus allows for some display.  Thank you, my sweet hubby!

Nice to have an organized space even for a little while. Due to all the "hoeing" and eliminating of make shift storage a yard sale is in order now!  Strange how one discovers "stuff" we have hidden away for years (after usually, packing and dragging it around from place to place) that eventually, we decide we can live without.
I decided, being of the age I am, that most likely my life span will not last long enough to utilize all that saved 
"stuff."   Too many projects, so little time."

Hopefully, someone out there will need exactly the "stuff" that went into the yard sale pile!  It did serve me well and still has life left!  Several funky items used as furniture? by myself.  Art supplies, craft supplies.  Then, Donald has decided to thin out some of his excess around here, as well.  He has that boat motor, maybe a gemstone trim saw and polisher, miscellaneous tool things.  We have a Radio, CD combination player, suitcases, solid oak coffee table with matching end tables, office chair,etc.  Won't say,"too much to list," just too lazy to list everything, nor have we even found it all. So, heads up for next Saturday & Sunday if you are in the neighborhood of Adams, Oregon!  Want directions, email for specifics!

What's in the works......more collage.  Nearly three more ready to display.  Will post soon.  Thinking it might be interesting to see if maybe, even I, could get these shown somewhere of substance.  Maybe a "bucket list thought" just for fun.  

And really, I know......yes, sweet Cheryl, must get back to basket coiling.  Promise, promise!  It was getting close.  Then there is the other one for a very nice lady who has been so patient with me.  No inventory, whatsoever on pine coiled items!  Even with all the intent and ideas afloat in this "monkey mind."  Why, why, why I wail to myself.  Which seemingly falls upon ears that are plugged.  

Still adding to our networking page, so please do take a look from time to time to see what others are up to.

Thank you, for stopping by or for following this Blog.  It is appreciated.  Until next time, stay safe and be well.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Hoeing Out that room!

Has your studio or craft room ever become so cluttered that you just could not stand it any longer?  Well, mine did!  It doesn't feel very good to discover that YOU qualify as a hoarder.  Yes, there was so much stuff, stuffed into my room that claustrophobia finally caught up.  Boy, thankfully, a "before" photo is unavailable. There are witnesses available, however, that there is a real difference now.
All the miscellaneous, make do, odds and ends, that made up my storage are ready to be someone else's treasures.....or make do's.  I have a huge hand built hutch made of funky barn wood!   Could not locate what I wished for to buy, so with the cooperation of my handy hubby, (who agreed to let me be boss of what I wanted since he likes shiny, modern lines) the hutch now stands in my room.

Six and one half feet tall became no simple task to move from our garage up onto the deck, into the house, down the hall, and then stand up in my room!  As you can see,
Don still has hammer in hand.  That was so he could reassemble parts that sort of.....fell off on our trip! Believe that experience could classify as a real "comedy of errors!"  After all, we are not spring chickens!  
 It will have barn wood doors up to the third shelf once hinges are purchased and messed up to approval.  The doors will cover storage of supplies and what sticks, shells, pods, moss, papers,etc that remain.  It was a difficult decision to part with all those treasures that had just the right look.  Much self talk convinced me that, mostly, an adventure could be had if necessary to acquire something that is missing.  Whew.... it does feel better, I think.

Just finished loading recent creations into Square.  Now to figure out how to place them onto Web page which leads customers (I hope to have) to the shop.   What would we be without our challenges?  Peaceful comes to mind.

"Whispering to me softly," pine needles are calling my name.  Time to settle back into basket coiling for awhile, before those veggies growing in the garden are calling out that they are ready for the picking.  Yum, plump, red, juicy, fresh tomatoes are on the way.

Sweet dreams to all.  Stay safe and well.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Yes, yes. I have been busy

Mid May already.  Thinking we still have April showers, that are bringing May flowers, making the garden grow and let's me stay inside and be creative! However, the sun is missed but we are promised a very nice Mother's day weekend ahead.  Thus, wishing any Mother's that read this a lovely day.

We are experimenting with the alcohol ink ceramic tiles to see if they will withstand intense heat.  If so, have larger ones that could be used as a trivet.  Will let you know if that's a make, or a break.  Having low inventory for the website store, just finished a few new coaster sets to add in that department.  
Yes, I have been lax in keeping up fresh merchandise and paying attention to promoting as intended.  A fresh start.  Again.

Then let's add a couple new collage, because they are just plain fun for me.  Never, never throw anything away.  One does not know when perhaps the rag or paper towel you have been sopping paint up with might be the perfect accent needed for another layer!   A piece of lace here and a piece of lace there, smudge some paint just right for composition and to coordinate colors, coat with layer of medium.  Opps. Forgot to place letters for a special saying or quote.  Layer, layer, layer.  One on top of another as many times as it takes to have an ah ha moment and say, DONE!

8" x 10" unframed finished edge
5" x 7" unframed finished edge

Two more await to be finalized and uploaded in a blog post and then into the website store.  I see little action from the Website.  Since shows for myself are few and far between, I confess to feeling disappointed.  Selling from the comfort of home with a trip to the post office would be soooo convenient.  
In an effort to aid others in their attempts to do the same please do be sure, when you have the time, to peruse the links page.  There are some very lovely handcrafted and artistic items available from your that online shopping has become the trend.  From time to time a new source is added.  Soon we will have to build an addition!!

Thank you, for stopping by, taking time to read when you have your own busy schedule.  Until next time....enjoy.
P.S.  please excuse my cranky computer--it seems to think it knows the best layout no matter what I say!