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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

It's time

What have I been doing?  Things.  I cleaned and re-arranged my room-----again.  I'm a good chicken Mama to the six girls that finally have had their home moved to the great outdoors thanks to the warming trend.  They still seem to be happy girls and are giving us eggs daily.  Even up to 6 eggs on some days now.
A "conk" fungus with elk
Have been dipping into my oil paints for the first time in quite a spell and actually completed some unfinished oddities.  A couple items are being sent off to fulfill overdue commitments.  Surprise!!  Hope you like it to my recipients!!  
A hamburger press made by my husband heading to the  owner of this beautiful cow.


(Poor quality photo of "conk" requested by a grandson years ago!)

Announcement!  Hear ye, hear ye.  Adams Day will be April 8, 2017.  If interested in vendor space call Mary @  503 440-2082 or email:, to reserve a space for a mere fee of $5.00.  Set up before 8:00a.m. as parade starts at 9:00a.m.  The
traditional Ladies Club breakfast starts serving at 7:00a.m.

Blue Mountain Photo Club will hold their Competition meeting on April 6th at
7:00p.m.  On April 20th the Business and Social meeting will be held at the same address, which is:  Walla Walla School  District Administration Bldg. located at
364 S. Park.  Sorry, I cannot provide the notice in it's original form but the computer and I are having many arguments regarding how to do things.   


Monday, February 27, 2017

Playing again....

When there is snow on the ground, again.... is a good time to retreat to my room and get out my toys and play.  Then, I look around and see all the projects that are mid-way to being done and decide to go ahead and play anyway!  Of course, that room does need to be cleaned up and organized, again!  You see, it has other "stuff" in it, too!  Two sewing machines, four chairs, my very old, huge, solid work table (love that piece) many, assorted collections of  valuable play things.  It's not a large room!   The decision had been made to get rid of some of it!  A sewing machine for instance.  Thought the choice was made as to which one until yesterday.  Upon reviewing the options, discovered that extra machine (given to us) is an early White Rotary.  Early as in likely 1918 or 1920's.  It does have a motor attached and it does run and I do love antiques!  Sewing is not a priority any longer, yet having a machine around is nice.  What fun to have an actual antique to use instead of the bland 1980's model, also taking up space.  Guess which gets to go?  Looking into having the White Rotary go in for lube and oil job and saying "good bye" to the eighties model, (is it an antique, also?)  Almost, right? 


Seems, I became a bit sidetracked with the excitement of  making a different decision!  Back on track with "playing."  Rather than proceed with any of the unfinished projects scattered around creating clutter, it was more enticing to  create more clutter.  What better way than a new fantasy box?  So that's what I did instead.  Even added a title to this one.  "The Harlequin of Time."  It is wacky and it was fun!

Here she is, among her surprises.   

Which are included on sides and back of the piece.  For me, these are great fun.  No one gave me any rules I had to follow and I can just be free, wacky and do as I please.  If you feel a desire to "set yourself free," try one of these.  

AND, of course, our ladies.  "Minnie", "Frieda", "Shy", all have their identities now.  Three more to go.  All six might have a touch of "garage fever" as we wait for this weather to stabilize, or perhaps they have become accustomed to their luxuries.  Once they adapt as outside girls, then we will feel better to let them adjust in a gradual fashion.  Since becoming a "chicken mama" it is hard to let them out into the real world!  We rate their happiness by the 6 egg days that have been happening.  
Wishing you peaceful, happy moments in these troubled times out there in the real world.  Our own "back steps" with the 'welcome" mat out and our minds open seems the best for now. 


Monday, February 13, 2017

Random Bits

Two days sunshine and not a trace of snow left.....for the moment.  Like Alka Seltzer, what a relief it was to have a view of brightness.  Now, hopefully, morning fog.  Hopefully, because maybe it will disappear and bring in that afternoon sun.  Never enough, is there?  We always want more and forget to0 quickly to be satisfied and grateful for what we are lucky enough to have!   One of my greatest faults!

Now is a good time to mention something neglected for sometime.  Just in case your traveling to our area, or perhaps already live nearby and one day might have so many visitors that you need an extra place for them to lodge.  Located in the little, historic town of Weston, Oregon T.L.C. Guest House welcomes visitors for a comfortable stay.  You can enjoy the comforts of home in their three bedroom, with fully equipped kitchen, one bathroom with shower and tub, plus a laundry room, updated guest house.  You can contact the owners:  
Tim and Linda Crampton
Home phone:  541-566-3737
Cell phone:     541-310-7604
P.O. Box 323 
Weston, Oregon 97886
Weston is located right at the base of the beautiful Blue Mountains, thus offers opportunities for different mountain activities, plus it is located close to Pendleton, Oregon, home of the famous Pendleton Round up and the Walla Walla Valley noted for it's wines and the activity associated with many events.
Personally, I know Linda and Tim would be wonderful hosts, plus both are gifted, creative people.

The Blue Mountain Photo Club has activities coming up, which I cannot seem to copy and paste, so will try to attach a link for photographers that might be interested.  Just ask for copy to be sent to you.
Hoping that works!

Other than that, our chicken, girls are doing fine.  A penthouse remodel has been added to their dwelling which is still located inside our garage until being sure the weather has stabilized.  Hopefully, it has not become so tall that it will not fit through our garage door once ready to be hooked onto and relocated outside.  Now that I can pick up and pet one lady, she has her name.  Minnie, it is.  The one with the lavender leg band since they are all Wyandottes of similar size and color.  Do have names for others, just not attached yet!   Enjoying their labors heartily!  You will undoubtedly see too much in chicken regard with passing time.  Photo opps are surely going to present themselves.  In the meantime, take heart, wherever you are, that it's only about 3 weeks until Spring, since Phil did see his shadow earlier this month!  We are ready!