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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Acupuncture & Artsy Stuff

Why not mix them together?  Both can offer relief from pain and suffering, right?
As my bones grow older, and body parts begin to complain more and more, conventional medicine makes me less appreciative of the approach used to treat us.  For sometime, I have wondered what good it does for a Doctor to listen to our symptoms, run tests accordingly and treat that one, particular area, when all our body parts are connected.  It seems like plumbing projects,  you touch one bad spot and the next one malfunctions.
Reading, and believing the whole body approach via diet, exercise, emotional well being,etc, isn't thinking, "better late than never," at least worth a try?  Not an easy task in this day and age to be sure.  Our lifestyle of depending on all things commercial, and letting others determine what is best for us, has led us to be very good consumers and pliable sheep.  I have never been a willing follower myself.  Even though I can't swim, rocking the boat seems to be a common trait.
So....Kumo Acupuncture in Walla Walla, Washington has entered my life. The timing is amazing;  just when needed.  Not only for physical reasons, you know, knees, hips, back,etc, but especially for emotional reasons.  I love the philosophy Roberto encompasses and is sharing.  From the moment of entering his office a peacefulness begins.  I would like to suggest, even if you are not located in this area and feel akin to the concept, please visit his website:   Kumo Acupuncture

Next.....My good friend, Shirley, from Ye Olde Stitch Nitch in Milton-Freewater, Oregon offered space to me to place my artistic endeavors! Her shop is next door to former Suncatcher Studio that I owned for 5 1/2 years, now housing The Art Portal where select local artists are showing their works.
Earlier today we went over and set up the wares, and although her shop is not opened Saturdays, she called me and has already sold one of the fantasy boxes!   That's the kind of friend she is--someone saw it in her window, called and she opened especially to do this for me!  Included in her offer is the opportunity for me to be present anytime I choose, even to open on weekends.  How generous is that?  Do you think she might be trying to help me have more incentive to produce?  It might even work.  
Gratitude supposedly is, also, a healthy endeavor for our bodies and expressing it daily is a good practice.  Sometimes, there are days that it is difficult to see that "silver lining" but looking deeply enough usually can produce something.  Even something seemingly small, like water, food, a roof.  Seems I have much more than that!  Much, much more.  So many kind, good people do come into my life, helping me to learn lessons skipped earlier.  How fortunate, I hope each of you takes a piece of my gratitude.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

In Time for Pendleton, Oregon Round-Up

Pine needle coiled tray
with walnut slices.
Approx. 13" across

"To market, to market."  Hope you make it into Hamley's 
Western Store and check out their variety of wares.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

A peek

O.K.  It's been awhile again.  "No news is good news" or is life just a runaway.  Either way, absentee was me!
So the best I can do is show you the latest item that was placed at Hamley's Western Store last week.  If you happen to be one of the thousands that attend the World Famous Pendleton Round Up, stopping at Hamley's is a must, as many already know.  The charm of the building, the antique interior, smell of leather, wide variety of western gear, clothing, artwork, gifts,etc and it's friendly, gracious staff are an experience in itself. This year, Round Up is September 14th-17th.  However, September 10th, the Dress Up Parade, seems to kick off a whole host of events to keep anyone entertained until the actual Round Up.    And.....that gives more time to stop at Hamley's, too.

Medium gourd with
pine needle coiled trim.
Mini totems as
accessories with feathers