Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Coiled, waxed, resin, gemstones & bumblefoot

Sooo, how was your July as it flew by in the wink of an eye?  
Know the weather patterns have varied for nearly all,  from pouring buckets in some places to scorching, burning heat and all things in-between.  And climate change is not real, so some say.  

Well, here where we live never did we give a thought to the danger of beautiful wheat fields all around, especially the one right out our back door.  Now, as it dries more and more with each day, we think.....and worry.  Of course, the farmer was here first and we need farms.  Fires we do not!  The speed of a wheat fire is amazing.  Lucky again this year.  Rotations put a bit of space between with a small area of green peas planted.  Believe me when I say a garden hose would be of little help in a wheat fire.  As harvest continues in these temperatures we see plumes of smoke around and feel so sorry for anyone near.

Now, with one eye looking out and the other in, a big coiling project left for it's new home at my niece's house.  She has been waiting years for her Mount Rainier painting and loves the coiling so you know that ole saying, catch "two birds with one stone."  (I never would "kill" a bird!)  Will post a photo of finished product once it reaches her wall!
In the meantime let me show you a piece of before and waxed.

Notice, ugliness on the right image--scary, until you place whole piece in oven at 200 degrees for 10 minutes!   The beeswax performs miracles.  The shades of color on the pine needles seem to become uniform and all floppiness disappears leaving a firm, lifetime piece many choose to call "heirloom."  Hopefully, my niece's piece will meet that definition.   
Ohhh, it has arrived at new home and she was happy, so I am happy!

Now, what next.  Did resin some gemstones for centers of future projects.  Encasing them in resin allows a lip to form 
(if your careful) so that holes can be drilled.  A sewing needle fits through the holes to anchor the center to the coiling at the beginning.  Plus resin enhances the beauty and colors and protects the stone.
after pouring resin prior
to cutting apart
up close after

Matching thread colors and letting the stone's shape talk, dictating a design is the fun part.  Once the holes are drilled around the outside edge, ready, set, & go!  Wonder how each will appear as a finished project?
See a favorite?  Let me know and we can talk!

As to our girls (hens,) we actually treated bumblefoot ourselves and.....it worked!  Five of them wore bandages on their feet, were confined to quarters, and seemingly are healed!  They are grateful--we are grateful.  Could not have done it without (ugh) technology.  The information at your fingertips!

For photographer friends:  Blue Mountain Photo Club
Meetings 3rd Thurs of each month. Trinity Lutheran Church
109 S. Roosevelt. 6:30 p.m.
Competition entry viewing and comments. Also bring 7 images, print, thumb drive or send them to me for sharing. Theme “dog days of summer” or anything you wish.
Photo Opportunities –
Fran Walker is at Rainier now for information call her. 509-520-7534

Report - Iron Creek Falls area out of Randall WA – Mass variety of mushrooms.
Aug. 8,9,10 Seattle.
Pike Market, Aquarium, Gas Works Park, etc. contact Lori for information.
Oct 5-7 2018 4Cs Convention North Bend/Coos Bay, OR registration open http://www.columbiacameraclubs.org/
Winter in Yellowstone with John Clark. Date to be determined, contact John if interested. bigdobes@hotmail.com
If you have a suggestion for a photo opp. Please share.
News from Council –
Starting Oct electronic images can be 1400 h x 1050 vertical max 2 mg.
(call backs and invitational to the convention must be current sizing). Andy needs 10 invitational images – prefer 1 from ea. member. Reminder if prints are called back or invitational ( Donna needs 5 Color & 5 B&W) they must be mount/matted for convention.

July 2018 Newsletter
Competition Results; July19 Results;
No print results.
Electronic Image
Carrie Hendrix – Down & Out 13pts 2nd
Gone With The Wind 14pts 1st Fran Walker – Baby Toes 13pts 2nd
Road House 13pts 2nd
Kitty Kitty 14pts 1st
Lori Montgomery – Beach Berries 12pts 3rd
Helping Hands 11pts
Mountain Flower 2 11pts Robin Flint – Violent Delights 14pts 1st
Bob Baker - Columbia River 13pts 2nd Deschutes River 14pts 1st
Altered Reality
Fran Walker- Catch A Curve 2 14pts 1st Lori Montgomery – Apple Abstract 12 2nd
Carrie Hendrix - Shore Leave 12pts 1st
Andy will let us know
when the competition entries are due for Aug.
Enjoy the dog days of summer.
also check us out on Facebook. 

Likely will pull a real switch soon.  August, 24th, Eatonville, Washington:  Clicking link John Bratholm  will take you to Brown Paper Tickets for information and to purchase if you wish.
John Bratholm Memorial Music Festival, in honor of my-son-law.  My daughter, Denel, has always loved to write lyrics and sing.  She and her former band mate from years ago have teamed back up and formed the group, "Wet Heat."  For this event they have many other bands/groups joining together hoping it will become an annual Festival to fund scholarships for area youth in the art, music, drama arena in John's memory. 
Sports are well supported while creative spirits are hardly acknowledged.  Since John enjoyed entertaining in his daily life this is fitting.
 Photo's could appear here after August 24th featuring highlights from the results!
If anyone that reads this wishes to attend:
Program begins at 2:00p.m. Friday afternoon until????
Maybe next year it can be a Saturday if enough support is generated.

Whatever your own area weather is doing take care.  We are HOT!!  And DRY.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Sun Up

One of our beautiful sunrises here in Eastern Oregon.  

Once again, please let me remind photography folks about Blue Mountain Photo Club.  In the past I was able to cut and paste their info, but alas, something has gone awry.  Thus, if interested please note the following:  
Meetings are the 3rd Thursday of each month @ 6:30p.m.
Trinity Lutheran Church
109 S. Roosevelt 
Walla Walla, WA
If you would like to check out their latest newsletter and perhaps follow them, or even purchase a photo you find on their gallery follow this link:
Blue Mountain Photo Club
Will add to networking page, as well.

Really have nothing to report from the studio.  Presently, most of our attention has been devoted to our six lovely hen ladies.  We have been introduced to "bumblefoot."  Yes, "bumblefoot."  You other chicken mama's (and daddy's) likely know this unpleasant term.  Our chicken mansion became an infirmary a few days ago and we continue to make rounds to see how the girls are doing.  
This certainly has been an experience.  The internet has been sooo beneficial.  So far, so good thanks to being able to look up natural remedies and finding the information for non-invasive treatment on "Tilly's Nest."  The step by step instructions and photo's she provides made us feel it was something we must attempt.  Coupled with an herbal salve recipe, also, found on the web, we now have all six girls confined with those nasty barnacle looking knots removed and bandages on their feet.  
I regret that we were unaware of our girls "bumblefoot" until we had a problem!  We had cleaned their poo laden feet with wire cutters, when we brought them home and thought all was well.  Awhile back I did notice "Molly" rested a lot.  Well, it was not because she was tired!  Her "dogs" were swollen and hurting!  Then we began having shell less eggs.  We asked who done it to no avail.  Next, a couple girls actually acted strange and not too well.  Inspection time!  Oh MY GOODNESS!  Can you believe five out of six had those ugly lumps on both feet?  "Daisy" escaped this malady!  Do you suppose it was karma??
Amazingly, once we managed to catch each one, they rather enjoyed the special treatment.  (I told them they were at the Spa.)   Foot soaks, being crooned to, lovingly stroked while we worked on those poor little feet.  Once done, I told them they had "new shoes" as we salved, wrapped and bandaged those tender toes.  
No solitary confinement since everyone was in the same boat, or boot as you would have it.  Their mansion was squeaky clean, fresh chips on the floor and there they remain in recovery.  Oddly, each one seemed to feel better immediately.  Although shell less eggs do not appear to be associated with this condition, (possible calcium deficiency?) we have not had one in three days!  Note, egg production is not quite at full swing.
The girls eat organic layer feed, a treat of herbs/greens/sunflower seeds,etc., (no meat.)  They have grit, was recycling their shells by crushing, now using oyster shell.  Soooo.... we have our fingers crossed that we did "good."  Like I said, so far.......
That's chicken saga for today--cross your fingers, too!  

Ms. Shy in her foot soak

Thursday, June 21, 2018

One More

Just for kicks, here is another finished collage.  Of course, reading the message might require a magnifying glass, but maybe it is just as well a secret.

Really, there is a 'statement' in there!  

Mentioning our chicken girls seems to have taken a back burner!  We still have, "Molly, Shy, Freida, Itty Biddy, Minnie & DAISY!"  For the most part (I said, most part) they have co-habitated, sort of......except "Poor Daisy" remains somewhat of an outcast.  Oddly, being on a roost seems to provide a safe zone!  No one picks on her when they are roosting or on the roost.  Go figure.  If any chicken mama's out there know, please share information!  The problem with that, of course, is the "five amigo's" wait for her feet to hit the floor and then she is fair game!  We shield her so she has a chance to feed and drink, but poor Daisy does not venture outside into their enclosed pen, and spends most of her leisure time high and dry!  We recently began finding an egg without a shell, or very soft shelled.  Suspect, poor Daisy might be tired of her status and her anxiety has again become an issue.  Or....since we do not live in their coop and are not present to make sure she has adequate time to eat, maybe she is malnourished????   Maybe, it is not even Daisy!  Everyone appears otherwise healthy and we feed them carefully.
Anyway, yesterday Daisy spent her day in the portable again.  She pecked and pecked, had plenty of feed and water and rested happily.  When bedtime came I carried her back to the mansion, safely to the roost and a good night was had by all.  We hustled at the crack of dawn to see if we could, at least, begin to solve the mystery of who did what!  Nope, too, late.  But.....the one and only semblance of an egg at that point did have a somewhat more distinct form of shell.  
Daisy we returned to her own little world, in her own little portable until bedtime tonight.  If she produces a perfect egg today....will our mystery be solved?  NOOOO...we have five more girls!  Thus, alas, back to the WHO DONE IT square?

And then there is "Bud," our indoor cat----outside.


Until next time I hope you have a fabulous day....and that you are well. 
Thanks for stopping and interacting.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Can't Help Myself....

It's true.  I can't seem to help myself.  Still collaging.  They just keep coming, even when I should be doing other things.
Stories, you can imply stories or messages with all those bits and pieces when creating a collage.  Just keep layering it on.  A little suggestion here, and a little suggestion there.  Find some quotes, or create your own to add to a layer.  Placement can lead a viewer into your story or message, or maybe they will see their own version.  Whichever, it is just plain inspiring for me.
Peruse the latest and see what you might discover.  
Comments/feedback are most welcome!