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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Time for a little brightness?

What's brighter than sunflowers with their cheerful, brilliant, yellow color and smiley brown faces?  So here is a sunflower bouquet just for anyone that happens by.

Where to begin?  (There was a bit of a blog dry spell.)  I did want to share a couple more experiences from Christmas In July, so will begin with that, in spite of the fact that now it has been better than a month since going!

Met an interesting young lady, Clarice Swanson, whose goal is "Creating a Better World Through Music, Education and the Arts.Under the name, "Meadowlark Voices," she is a Jazz Piano Player/Singer who donates "tips/proceeds (to) support artists & musicians in refugee camps."   She shared some photos with me of some artwork done by a refugee that was absolutely beautiful.   In an effort to help them with supplies,etc to continue their work she promotes it and some is offered for sale!  
Additionally she herself will perform at gatherings playing jazz or holiday favorites supplying her own keyboard and equipment.  I'm sure it would add a nice touch to any event. Contact her for specifics and possibly invite her to perform.  Not only the added benefit to the  function but helping others not as fortunate in turn.  Clarice can be reached @
or:  or if you prefer, call her.  509-200-4044

When I am 'out and about' it is fun to meet other creative people and share what it is that they do.  Hopefully, it will heighten awareness of just how many individuals have a passion for creating and how important it is to share and be supported in those efforts.  It is always my hope to prove that absolutely anyone can afford some piece of art that speaks to them and that it does not necessarily have to come from a noted gallery.  There is something for everyone truly.  So when you decorate, need entertainment, want a unique gift please consider something individual and personal.  Wherever you are there are local venues to access these artisans whether it be directly, at a craft fair, or now the modern way, via the INTERNET!   Many have developed their own websites and some are listed below or on the sidebar!  Watch the list grow!

Thus, in addition, scrolling on line, sometimes reveals someone out there doing their unique, beautiful art/craft that is appealing.  Why not pass along that information, as well.  Recently, I ran across Poletti Art Studio.  The metal art created by, Kat McDermott,  fascinated me.  If you happen to be interested in a beautiful, metal art piece to decorate your walls,etc please take a look at: 
It might be wise to think ahead if you want/need a gift and keep in mind how "time flies" with the coming Holidays. about wanting to learn about mat cutting?  If that sounds intriguing you might be interested in the following share......that's if you live in the Walla Walla, Washington area!
Mat Cutting Class

The class will be taught in two Tuesday night sessions:
October 3 and October 10 from 6:30 to 8:30 in the downstairs fire side room of the old Carnegie Library building at the corner of Palouse and Poplar. Maximum of eight people over 14 years old.
Photographers and painters will learn to measure and cut a mat to fit.  (They) will learn to use a Logan mat cutter.  All machines and materials will
be provided.  Bring your own cutter if you would like training on your own
machine. Cost is $30.
Register with the Walla Walla Parks and Recreation website:  WWW.WWPR.US. The class is offered by the WW Parks and Recreation and will be taught by Artist, Roy Anderson.

Chicken Palace Interior, (so far.)  Note, Daisy in the nest.

Ready for a "Chicken Mama" update?  Quite a bit has transpired in the new chicken palace.  Believe we left off with arrival of the house and finishing the interior in the wretched HOT days of summer.  (It already feels like fall.)  
Daisy was allowed to stay in the new chicken yard during that time in her mobile home, then came move in day for the flock, (hopefully.)  The five "amigos"  were merely envious onlookers at that point, waiting impatiently in their chicken tractor.  Husband, Don, was sure with the new digs and added space all would go well. 
We decided to bring them down, one by one, to join Daisy in the yard so we could watch.  Minnie was first, she seems so sweet and gentle.  That was until she caught sight of Daisy!  The fight was on!!  Poor Daisy.  Keeping them apart, hoping adding #2, Molly, might change the atmosphere, down she came!  Ha!  Silly us!!  So then it was two against one.  Poor, poor Daisy. 
Don, determined it would work, went for # 3Here comes Freida, as poor, poor Daisy cowers.  You guessed it.  Three against, poor, poor, poor Daisy.  At this point, I intervene.  Enough is enough.  She does not have to endure such abuse. She hovered beside me on top of her mobile home.  Don fetches Shy (who is no longer the least bit shy) and Biddy to the new palace.  Alas, Daisy, has to return back up to the chicken tractor-alone
The five amigo's cackle happily in their new palace, likely thinking they have seen the last of Daisy.  And....for awhile, they did.  
At least, Daisy can roost comfortably and scratch the real dirt again in the comfort of her tractor.  Until.  Until Don spoke with his niece (also a chicken mama) who told him about moving a rejected chicken into the coop at night.  We must now try this technique.  Actually....first night went relatively well. They allowed her to roost!  Too bad it gets light in the morning.  Imagine waking up and there sits.......Daisy!  Well, that brought everyone wide awake in a flash!  Here we go again.....except the amigos can be banished to the yard and Daisy has the coop for the day.  Night # 2, same routine.  Day # 2 similar.  Night #3, same but....light of day appears to not bring so much alarm.  Privileges for the amigos that day.  They have avail to entering the coop today during daylight hours!  It is a rough day.  Many squabbles and cackles as we run to Daisy's aid.  Each time they are encouraged to leave the premise!  
It does not take Daisy long to realize she has allies.  Her chicken mama and even daddy Don will take care of her.  Thus she begins hiding behind us as we continue to rescue her during hard times.  She will resort to flying into arms as help arrives.  Now, I must tell you, Daisy is here to stay!  This chicken girl has maneuvered her way, not only into our hearts, but into a begrudging, less confrontational flock.  She resorts to taking her treats in the coop while the others enjoy the usual pecking and scratching in the pen.  When cohorts enter the coop, she stays high and dry out of their way except to (sort of) snuggle at bedtime, in the dark of the night.  So, the beat goes on and time will tell in the continuing saga of Miss Daisy and the five amigos.  
If you like to read....stay tuned.  Should try a video of this fiasco!

Opps....just in case someone local might like to attend:  A GIANT SWAP MEET in Kennewick, Washington at the Benton County Fairgrounds
 September 16 - 17th, 2017.  "It's a Swap Meet, Flea Market and Yard Sale with free parking and only $1.00 admission, Saturday only, free Sunday!  If your interested in being a vendor call or text "Ron" for information @ 509-948-4115
Spaces seem reasonably priced and it looks like camping right at your stall is allowed.   Give "Ron" a call to see if any spaces are still available--it might be, too, late!

Another challenge is underway with my two artist  Now that should be a challenge.  Scheduled for unveiling September 15th.  Another procrastination event for me most likely.  You ever heard of  "working best under pressure?"  Oh well, all in good fun among friends and still a great exercise in thinking out of that box!

Stroll over to the website shortly.  Posting a couple new coaster sets and am offering a free refrigerator magnet with purchase, also done with alcohol ink on a small tile.    

Enjoy these last dog days of summer and keep well until next time....hope to see you then. 

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Once again, moving right along; snail like...

Poor Daisy..feeling better
OKAY!  Finally, now a couple weeks ago, Daisy moved into the enclosure built beforehand, beside the new house when it was delivered.  Freedom at last from the confinement of her mobile home.  The mobile home, which I might add, did not have air conditioning.  However, since it (cage placed on top of wheeled garden cart)  in the three digit heat, we could move her from one shady spot to another.  Of course, she was given jugs of ice water, as were all the girls.
The Gang Up gang, had the swimming pool in their chicken tractor pen, for romping and splashing, which I'm sure she envied.  The first thing Daisy did was bathe.  And bathe and bathe, for a good 45 minutes.  She scratched, rolled and threw dirt upon herself until she felt.....clean????  Somehow dust isn't my idea of clean, but to each his/her own.
Now, when the new house was delivered, there were two houses on that trailer.

Two houses (deluxe)

 In the foreground, you will note the chicken tractor and barely make out the "girls"  excitedly watching the operation.  I'm certain they were admiring the red house, complete with porch for lounging, more than one entry, and room for a loft.  Needless to say, they gave little to no thought to the fact that neighbors already think we are completely out of our minds for spending sooooo much money on accommodations for mere 'chickens.'   Can you imagine what they thought when it was the little, natural wood house that was unloaded right beside the new chicken yard?  The collective sighs and disappointment in their little chicken heads?  Not just poor "Daisy."  We likely had "poor Shy, Minnie, Molly, Freida and Biddy." 
For a few days they, also, were subjected to watching "Daisy" run around delighted in that new, spacious yard while work progressed on the inside of the house left in place.  After all, the wiring, insulation, interior walls, floor painting, nest and roost building had to be completed. was HOT!  Sweltering hot!  Poor Don, (my husband.)  Josh, (my son) lent a hand but it was Don that desired their house to be just right.  Can you believe this is the same man that did not want any chickens?   
The big day arrives.  Time to move in and integrate the flock once again.  How did that go?                 

To be continued.....There is more to this saga/drama, but for today let's just move right that snail like pace.  I'd like to introduce you to "Buddy," otherwise known as "Bud" and more about that "Christmas in July."

Our sink and "Bud."

Now introducing:  Author:  Debra R. Williams.  Debra was my interesting neighbor at the event.  Her passion is writing and restoring their vintage home.  In her words, "Meet the Clock Family" introduces the Clock sisters and their mom and dad, Mock and Doc.  Come along as the Clock Family shares an extraordinary adventure."  

Her books are being used in schools (not to learn to tell time) and sold in a select number of bookstores or contact her direct via email.
She's quite nice, does book readings, can explain her selection and delivers if you should happen to live in the Walla Walla, Washingon.
If I understood correctly the  stories were born as she told them to her three daughters when they were young.  It's an example of how one can develop a passion into an unexpected side career or full time venture.  

Networking is one of the things that makes attending these events much more fun, at least for me.  There are more people out there, than we are aware of, with creative outlets or skills that need to be shared.  So, be prepared, or look forward, to meeting others from time to time. 

Until, the not too distant future, enjoy summer and take good care.