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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Now it's the right time

Okay.  This Saturday is December 3, 2016 and this Saturday is the Athena, Oregon Christmas Bazaar held at the Elementary School.  9:00a.m. to 3:00p.m. appear to be the hours for attendance, so visit the vendors and find some unique, handmade Christmas gifts.
I will be going over to Ye Olde Stitch Nitch in Milton-Freewater on North Main Street Friday afternoon and Saturday afternoon to represent my own art endeavors and visit with anyone stopping by.  If you like the alcohol ink coasters I make, they could be a handy gift! Friday is the annual Christmas Parade at 6:00p.m. with free cookies and hot chocolate provided by the Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors at the Gathering Place.
Living in peaceful Eastern Oregon finds us fortunate compared to so many other troubled places we are constantly hearing about....with so many people "wishing for peace," one would think it would have collectively been effective.  I will picture it in my mind and wish it to peaceful people worldwide!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Short Notice.....

OPPS!  Go ahead, sip coffee, put your feet up AND enjoy your day!  But do keep in mind, that the Athena Christmas Bazaar is next weekend!  I do think my brain is slipping a notch!
And, next weekend, likely Friday and Saturday I will go over to Milton-Freewater to the Stitch Nitch and attend to my wares there!  Might even do a little alcohol ink demonstration for anyone that stops in that is interested!  If you might be, perhaps an email would keep me on my toes and help me prepare!  Now, just fast forward the below to next week, please.
Quick....have your coffee, get dressed and attend the Christmas Bazaar at Athena, Oregon today!  Afraid, I often allow myself to be distracted and neglect to keep up with all the good intentions, such as, giving advance notice!  It is at the Athena Elementary School, just off Highway 11, between Pendleton, and Milton-Freewater. Not certain of the time, but likely 9:00a.m.-ish to 4:00 or 5:00p.m.
Now, as to my "soapbox," rant, rave or whatever one might perceive the previous post to be......yes, I'm disturbed.  However, again I neglected my better intentions and heed the concept my interpretation of the Standing Rock Elders and true "water protectors" appear to be. Peaceful, non-aggressive opposition demonstrating and standing up for their beliefs and rights.  They are not being militant, in the face of militants and the violent actions against them.  The purest form of "turning the other cheek."  A good friend, "soulmate" of mine reminded me how negative energy only feeds the negative and actually enforces it, giving it the most power and strength.  An excellent reminder! Never would I intend to give power to violent oppressors! Thus, as my Gramma used to say, and following the example of many of those holding up their heads and standing, not only "up" but tall, "kill them with kindness." My compassion and sympathy are extended to those poor, misunderstanding aggressors who have chosen a path that I believe in so wrong.  It is a hope that more and more of them might come to see the true meaning and understand the oaths they spoke to uphold for the good of all people.  Have a peaceful day, wherever you might be and thank you for reading my views.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

On My "Bandwagon" and getting my "Soapbox"

Well, folks, it's your option to just delete this post or even my whole Blog, now.  The older I become, the more prone I am to speak up when my "gut" instinct no longer allows me to just be a good, little robot and part of the "silent majority."  
Most of us know we are in very troubled times.  We all have our opinions and a right to them.  I understand this.  What I just can't understand is how any of us can just sit, stand, and idly watch the many wrongs and not say how we, ourselves feel about any particular issue. We are so afraid of being judged for being honest about our views.  Well, I don't care!  Any person I care about that I might lose, thank you, for being in my life while we were able to communicate and share.  If our differences can not make us THINK and open our mind to perhaps another perspective, we are not meant to continue.
Wonder what I'm talking about?  NORTH DAKOTA-STANDING ROCK AND NATIVE AMERICANS, doing their part to do good for all of us.  It is a travesty if you take the time to search out information and watch videos that are being put out via what has to be alternate methods.  Why, because main stream media will not cover the issue.  Why, well, go figure.  Use your heart and your mind and think!!  Greed.  Fear of losing power, control, being exposed for all the corruption that exists in this country.  Just keep saying, over and over, American is the Greatest Country, without pulling back the blankets and taking a good look at what lies underneath.  Do we, too, have to come to the level of so many other places on earth that live each and every day, under siege of oppression with an actual all out war zone right in our back yards before waking up to being duped?   It has been so nice, living peacefully and able to sleep, sleep, sleep and entertained with multiple diversions so we won't question those that "took care of us," and took care of their business.
What can I do about Standing Rock?  Unfortunately, not much, except to use this little space to say, I stand with "Standing Rock" and all the people, native and non-native, that are doing all they can to say, "NO!"  ENOUGH, is enough and they will not be silent.  I urge you to please pay attention.  If you look, you will see, that public opinion carries very little weight on many issues before us.  We are being ignored!  How does that feel, when it is something you care about deeply?  People that care, should share.
Today, I "unsubscribed" from sites I had joined that actually began with the intention of doing good and informing us of things that have not come to the forefront of our attention.   The information was not good for the "bottom line" of many major cooperations, thus, again main stream media keeps us in the dark.  Why did I "unsubscribe"?  They, too, went for the "bottom line."  Sell, sell, sell.  Yes, they have to support their efforts and the costs of getting the word out, but do they have to then sell lectures, their own products,etc.  Maybe, but not to me.  I bought the initial information, tried to help spread the information for the good of anyone interested, and that's all.  
That is not the agenda at Standing Rock!  Unclean water for human consumption, which has already happened over and over, is what they are standing up for, and it's not just for Native American's, it is for everyone.  ENOUGH!  Think for yourselves.