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Monday, June 26, 2017

Hooked on Alcohol Inks, plus Eggstream Measures

4" x 4" ceramic tile
Perhaps the class, Introduction to Alcohol Ink Painting, that I taught last Saturday was a success.  Five ladies were present, and at the end of the two hour session when I asked  "anyone hooked on alcohol ink," five hands raised.  Just like in real school!  It is always fun with this medium to see what emerges.  The above was one I made as a demonstration of one technique.  We actually did one tile using "Sharpie" pens, one using the alcohol ink and finally, alcohol ink on "Yupo" paper.  Everyone had their own creations to take home and admire until they could run out and purchase their own materials!

Sometimes, the husbands of "chicken mama's" go to "''eggstream' measures to keep mama's happy and take care of the flock!  If you read the last post you already know about the drama in the large version of 'chicken tractor' my husband built for us.  The one that he bought an actual tractor (older) to move, even though it has wheels of it's own. 
After removing "Daisy," before she met with an untimely death (at the wings of her fellow flock,) he had quickly assembled a tiny apartment for her.  A couple days of isolation and we moved her apartment beside the other's condo.   Another couple days for them to observe one another between fences with us thinking possibly the five offenders might feel guilty and sorry for their actions.  So......we talk to "Daisy" about moving back home.  She was rather quiet.  Upon opening the door, there was no friendly greeting with open wings, nor an apology!  The fight was on!  Poor "Daisy" terrified of her own kind!  (Ummm...guess that happens with all species, doesn't it, come to think about it!)  Back to her lonely apartment, isolated but safe.  Now to come up with options.
Husband likely favoring find new home for "Daisy" where she is wanted and loved.  Chicken Mama--wants her and does love herWhy we can't just keep her separate with a little larger apartment makes perfect sense.  Ah, ha......thinks he.
We will stop and look at a whole, new concept.  You know, a permanent  COOP.  One of those "tiny" buildings they sell now.   Really??   
Guess what??  These girls (myself included perhaps) are treated right.  Eggstream measures to keep Mama and her girls happy!  Will "Daisy" be welcome in this new grand mansion due to arrive in about three weeks?  Stay tuned for the "rest of the story."  Oh, any ideas on which organic feed produces golden eggs?


Monday, June 19, 2017

4th of July Sparks/Drama in the Coop,etc

Ummm, that did the trick, I think!  A full listing of an event in Milton-Freewater,
Oregon for an Old Fashioned Fourth of July Celebration!  Be sure to contact, my friend, Gerry Seagrave (listed at page bottom) for information if you would like to be a vendor at this event.  A listing of vendors participating would be a nice addition for their efforts in setting up during these events.  Perhaps, I shall give Gerry a call and ask.  
Maybe I eat too many "sour grapes" but having participated in small craft fairs (generally combined with events) it is my view that vendors should be noted as a highlight of the event!  As many of you understand, attending as a vendor is work, too!  Setting up for many is labor intensive.  The product preparation, pricing, tagging, equipment, PACKING.  Then packing and unpacking, setting up suitable displays, being a salesperson (ugh), and then the packing, unpacking again---into vehicle--unpacking out of vehicle, etc.........maybe all for no profit other than we like to do it and the exposure helps sometimes.

Woe are we.  Our lovely, well behaved "girls" became real chickens.   Not as in, afraid, but down and dirty establishment of what is called the "pecking order."  Now, as a "Chicken Mama," this is alarming!  Having read articles that relate they can actually continue mean, despicable behavior until death results, we had to do something.  Not being sure who the actual instigator was, but once they all ganged up on poor Daisy, the only logical solution was remove her ASAP.  Don hustled to town for more wire, quickly crafted a cage, sized for a large dog.  By the time he was finished poor Daisy was banished to their roost by the other five, not so lovely, wicked girls standing guard.  By the time she was pulled from what she thought was her safe spot and placed in her private apartment, she was so thirsty that she drank, drank, and drank some more.  After awhile she settled down and felt comfortable enough to eat and even lay her egg without being attacked and having more feathers removed!  She, and perhaps her main attacker, both being bald now.  No blood was shed.  Relieved that did not happen, as apparently then they can become really vicious to a degree most of us do not comprehend.
Cannibalism!   We saw enough already!  Now....likely tonight, after a couple days of peace for all, aside from an occasional peck and squawk among the gang, at roosting time we will see if they will integrate as one happy flock.  A little peck here and a little peck there.  "Chicken Mama" is nervous about driving Ms. Daisy back into the danger zone!   There is to be no chicken stew here!   Is that pun intended?

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Hello!  Hello!  Can you hear me now?   I just wanted to update, again, and let you know how grateful I am to all of you now tuning into this wacky Blog and to the new website:  The increase in the views and comments via Facebook has been so rewarding.  Thank you, most sincerely!

Forget about the mention of possibly cancelling the Introduction to Alcohol Ink Painting Class in the last post.  It's a "go."  Thanks to the recruiting methods of friend, Fran!  She really wanted this class for a long time and was not about to give up easily!  So, see some of you in Milton-Freewater, Oregon at Arts Portal on Saturday, June 24th!  Be ready to get messy and have some fun!  Anyone can do this, honestly!

Seems, along with Thousands of other Chicken Mama's, some are referring to me as a "chicken whisperer."  Well, I do chat with Minnie (Min Min), Shy, Freida, Molly (By Golly), Daisy, and Itty Bitty, (mostly, Biddy.)  The girls are very understanding, you know.  They jump onto their pen perch, cock their heads listening and then respond.  When they hear our back door open they rush to the front of their pen eagerly hoping we are bringing them some yummy treat.  In fact, they look forward to a morning and evening snack.  Yes, I have read about "obese" chickens.  I'm thinking their snacks are well balanced and nutritiousPlenty of greens, a handful of sunflower seeds, scraps of fruit, and no meat.  They have their organic laying pellets and fresh water.  If it should become hot (not too often yet) I put ice cubes in a fresh jar of water to go along with their water container.  Usually it has a dash of organic vinegar, a dash of honey and a couple cloves of minced garlic!  Now, please understand....these girls are not, let me repeat, NOT spoiled.  They are very smart-not "dumb chickens" like some people think.  We witness their clever ways.  When we go to move their pen/house (it has wheels) with the tractor (purchased to move the so called, "chicken tractor) they quickly march up their ramp into their house until arriving at their new fresh location a few feet away.  Yes, they cluck and cluck anxious to arrive and once again be free to roam in their rather small pen.  Freida, does watch carefully for an opportunity to take a little hike....whereby, Lulu, our Border Collie stands ready to assist in curtailing her wandering ways.
No free range here, just pampered chickens perhaps.  So much, for a chicken saga this time.  Thought I'd throw it in, since John (my website manager) has had fun adding a line on the web!  
Until next time.....please take care.  Hope to see you again soon!


Blue Mtn Photo Club Business/Educational Meeting is June 15th
109 S. Roosevelt at TL Church.  Meeting at 7:00 p.m. 
Please bring your Tripod or camera support for show and tell.  Good points, bad points, what is available, and best uses.
Sharing – Growiser images, Ft. WW Days images, or what ever you would like to share.
For those already signed up ($40.00 down payment due) for the Aug 4-7 Mt. Rainier Field Trip or for those interested in going meet at 6:30 to discuss itinerary.
Have a great week.

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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Are we pleased, yes, we are.....

Pioneer Days in Historic Weston, Oregon

One small craft show over.  The weather was gorgeous, wind was calm (always nice if doing an outdoor event) and could work on a tan.  Do not have any immediate plans as of now for a next one.  It is refreshing to go out and mingle and have feedback on what we might be doing.  I was pleasantly surprised that even the rather 'far out' collages recently completed were of interest and well received.  Somehow I think the area one lives in tends to dictate our style.  This is a time, when it feels good to be wrong!   

Next up.  Likely canceling that Introduction to Alcohol Ink Painting class scheduled for Saturday, June 24th.  There does not appear to be much interest around here and the deadline to register is June 15th.  So.....if anyone, just forgot, and does want to take the class please contact me
A maximum of 10 students/minimum of 6.  So far, I have one!  There are posters, emails, Facebook notice,etc out there without results.  It is a busy time of year for everyone and classwork on a nice day just might be too much to ask!

The response to the launching of  has been amazing.  We are still adding and tweaking here and there and soon will have prices posted if anyone should be interested.  In case, you are not familiar just hover over a photo for any details.  Thank you, to everyone who decided to take a peek and to follow what we are up to around here.  

Until next time, take good care.  Look forward to seeing you soon!