Sunday, October 14, 2018

LOL...."laugh out loud" kind of a day....

Could it be?  Do you think it might be so?  Serious thoughts, deep thoughts, deserve a lol, kind of a day.  To an extent perhaps?  My own deep thoughts aren't quite so harsh if a little humor is allowed to creep in.  Amazing it is/has taken all these years of growing old for those thoughts of lol to even enter this weary brain.

On a lesser note, am I the only one that needed to actually research the meaning of OOAK?  Now upon knowing the answer, that is lol moment!  (Nothing at all to do with some sort of oak tree!)  Actually so fits into my basic philosophy with this silly Blog!  "ONE OF A KIND."  Get it?  Or, had you, already got it?  So simple that it is definitely a LOL!  Now....of course, this should not enter the category of "deep thought," but  remember"lol" does help lighten that load immensely!

Moving on.....Craft Festival numero 1, on the horizon now for me.  October 27, 2018---9:00 until 4:00 in the quaint, little town of Weston, Oregon.  Of course, unless local this is of no consequence to some readers.  It is called "Potato Festival" and was established many years ago apparently when potatoes were a major crop for this area.  Now, there is a nearby event called "Wheatstock!"  How times change--lol!  But.....Potato Fest lives on, as traditions often do.  It is a fun event and very community spirited.  
Most vendors participating are OOAK producers!  I like that myself. Certainly fit the label with my own creative endeavors.  You are likely to see that label from now on if you follow this.  OOAK = "one of a kind."  
I have been busy and have some (sorry) OOAK alcohol ink coaster sets available that could make for a nice gift this holiday season!  No two alike!  Of course, a collage should be OOAK.  Have those, too!  Some oil painting on rustic surfaces,etc.  Hope to see a good turn out for this festival.  
Have 14 coaster sets ready to go.  Preview below....there are some odds and ends as sets have been split in the past.  Since these seem to be the "go to item"  for gifts will not bore you with other photos which likely have appeared in the past.

NEXT:  Adding a few more links to the "easy access networking" page.  Head on over to see what you might find for your shopping list beyond your local Festivals and Bazaars.
FINALLY: (at least for this posting) Please, if you like this little Blog consider becoming a follower and sharing what you find of interest.  That will be much appreciated.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Heads Up!!

Alcohol Ink Painting
6" x 6"
First, I have been working!
Next:  Today was spent re-doing, adding and making that "Easy Access Networking" page look neat and clean!  
With the holiday season approaching, if you love handcraft and original works, (aside from attending your local Fairs and Bazaars) please consider fixing yourself a nice cup of tea, open this page and look at all these handmade artisan's wares!  Rather than rushing out to load all those commercial items into a shopping cart, consider supporting these small, independent folks.  We all love what we do, put our hearts into the items and truly appreciate offering them for sale.  You will find quality items here.  
If you are an artisan/crafter with a http://www. listing and would like to be included just let me know.  Not meaning to be offensive, but ABSOLUTELY no commercial sites, please.  There is a place for them and it is not my intent to find them here!
"Sharing Is Caring."

Monday, October 1, 2018

Show & tell.....

"Left, Right; Right, Left"
5" x 7"

"Pretty In Pink"
8" x 10"
Hot off the press, so to speak.  For me, collage is addictive.
Something I keep going back to and love doing.  Have I ever mentioned, these are FOR SALE.  In fact, they can be purchased via my Square account, so if anyone is ever, even the slightest interested, please contact me.  

Alcohol Ink Ceramic Coasters
4" x 4"

Looks can be deceiving....sets of 4 each, photographed all at once in three rows!  All coaster sets sell at $18.00 per set.  I do have other sets on hand, as well, these are, also, hot off the press!

Simply a project in the works.  It shall become a pine needle coiled basket eventually.  As stated in earlier posts, these are very time consuming.  As the size increases with each round it takes longer and longer.  Perhaps it should be said, I'm slow.  Anyway, this is really just "show and tell." It is sold.  Always so nice to garner faithful patrons. They let us know by liking what we do, that it is worthwhile to continue.  First time using the petrified fish stone as a center.  Makes it even more individual and unique.

Now......this is simply, PLAY!  I am scared silly of watercolor.  However, a friend makes wonderful cards using them. She brought me a book, "Paint Yourself Calm," (yes, I can use that!), "colorful 
creative mindfulness through watercolor."  It is very encouraging and (lol) makes it look simple!  Of course.  I cheat.  Had to go 50 steps ahead instead of sticking with the wonderful, relaxing exercises.  But, you know what?  It was still fun.  Looks like more supplies need to be stocked.  Actual watercolor paper and paints beyond the kindergarten variety might have different results. Plus, just a wee bit of practice.
Then today, I saw the neatest thing to look up and try.  It's called "collograph printing."  Now many of those supplies, are already on hand, stashed away in my room!  Leaves, moss, bark, feathers, grasses,etc. Of course, sounds like papers, inks or paint, plus ????? might be necessary.  Have to check that out.

Artsy again feels good!  Plus it is a good thing too, as have signed up to participate in three local craft shows/baazars this season.  If you are from this area, (as happens everywhere), there are many events to attend to look for holiday, or other day gifts.  Perhaps something for yourself because you deserve it.

October 27th     Weston Potato Show from 9:00 to 4:00 in the community of historic Weston, Oregon.  An annual small festival with vendors, a potato luncheon, book sale, and fund raising for the local school.  Or, enter your best garden potato, veggies, flowers, baked goods,etc to win a ribbon!  

November 9th & 10th         Annual Mary Stewart Christmas Craft Sale.  9:00 to 4:00 both days. Milton-Freewater Community Building.  Milton-Freewater, Oregon.  Rhonda Sartin will be serving breakfast & lunch so patrons can stay and browse many vendors that sell handcrafted only items.  Of course, that includes "upcycled and remade items."  No commercial!  My kind of show.  As many of you know, competing with mass produced products is next to impossible.  In fact, I choose only from the few shows that apply that type of ruling.  It lets people know up front the quality of items they might purchase.  Might limit attendance, but not sales.

December 8th       Holiday Market  9:00 to 4:00.
Walla Walla (Washington) Fairgrounds Community Building.  Another "handmade only" venue.  These ladies make it a fun event and it is the largest show I attend.  There are a variety of vendors, so many unique items are available.

Hookie, Dookie.  That's a wrap for this time.  Thank you, for stopping.  Will be posting more as once again, we approach this Holiday Season.  Where did the time go? 
Please be well and let's be kind.
PS       Added a few sites to :  networking page.  You might like to check it out or revisit some of the previous sites.  

Thursday, September 13, 2018

What's new????

Pageantry from the Pendleton Round Up
In this neighborhood, this is the week of the World Famous Pendleton Round Up.  It is a sight to behold at least one time, (I have been more often,) unless you happen to be following the Rodeo Circuit or a specific person, I imagine.  Personally, I love the pageantry presented by the Native American's.  Thus, a couple of photo's to give a hint, although by far, not the best representation.  Many of the regalia were worn by ancestors and passed down.  Others are designed and worn during ceremony by their current owners.  All undoubtedly represent hours and hours of craftsmanship to complete.
Not to slight all the incredible cowboys, performers, and even the stock animals brought to an event of this magnitude, it is fitting to say all give it their best with  preparation, endless time and apparently devotion.  
And......quite possibly,  facing danger and damage,ie injury!  Below are from a previous rodeo at Helix, Oregon.

Decided to share a piece of the locale while fresh in my mind, having been invited by my son to take in one segment of Pendleton's Show yesterday.  Hope you enjoy this different sort of 'Art & Craft.'
Time is approaching for the Christmas Bazaars to begin preparation.  Intend to participate in a couple of the local ones and do need to return to my room in order to accomplish that.  Anyone else in the same dilemma?  Like we have not been keeping up with our ourselves?
Therefore, tune in from time to time for more frequent updates.
Until then, do stay safe and take good care.